Intelligent Exercise

Fitness and movement education in your home. NYC area, 646-256-4414

With our help, you'll turn your good intentions into good fitness and good quality of life.

  • Perhaps you're starting to notice changes in your body - worse posture, less muscle tone, balance problems, stiffness you didn't use to have.
  • Maybe warning signs about your health, like type II diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, osteopenia, or arthritis are starting to appear.
  • Maybe you've spent time taking care of your elderly parents recently and are worried about developing the problems you've watched them struggle with.
  • Or maybe you've been spending time with your young grandchildren and want to be able to keep up with them as they grow.

We'll design a program for you that targets your needs and improves your life immediately and for years to come. Our professionals all have ten or more years of experience helping people just like you. Uniquely in the fitness industry, we combine our fitness know-how with an extensive background in movement education techniques so we can truly help you change the way you move and function for the better.

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I could never get myself to work out regularly, but when my 50th birthday came into sight, I thought I'd better get a personal trainer. After 3 months of working 3 times a week with Jae, I have muscles! And I show them to everyone!

—Terry Snyder,