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With our help, you'll shed your aches and pains, restore your flexibility, and keep your age and experience as an asset, not a liability.

Maybe over the years you've had a lot of injuries and even a few surgeries to keep you able to play softball, run marathons, or engage in whatever sport is your passion. Or maybe you've been lucky and are just now for the first time feeling aches and stiffness you think of regretfully as "old age."

You know that staying fit is important to good health and quality of life as you get older, but that's really the least of your concerns. What you're worried about is continuing to be able to do what you love.

Injury and stiffness are not permanent parts of the aging process. As Feldenkrais® practitioners, we have the tools to help you get older and wiser without getting older and stiffer - our clients say they haven't felt so good in years.

In addition, the Feldenkrais Method® significantly improves the function of the nervous system, helping you reverse age-related declines in performance, speed up your reaction times, improve your aim, make your gait more youthful, and become a better athlete at any age.

If you wish, we'll support the movement education work we do through the Feldenkrais Method® with sports-specific conditioning so you have both the coordination and the fitness to be the athlete you know you are.

(If you are a runner, click here for information about our sister company, the Balanced Runner.)

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Jae is one of three people to whom I've ever referred team members (the other two being doctors). After one workshop I was able to make subtle but critical changes to my running form that eliminated knee pain I'd been grappling with for years. As a coach already focused on injury preventative running form, this was significant. This has been the case with everyone I have sent to her.

—Charlotte Gould,
RRCA-certified Coach,
Founder/Director, Mothers Across America