Intelligent Exercise

Fitness and movement education in your home. NYC area, 646-256-4414

We'll set up an initial appointment for you with Jae Gruenke, President of Intelligent Exercise, either in your home or in our office just below Union Square (whichever is best for you).

We'll also send you some forms with questions about your health and fitness history to fill out before your session.

You'll have your first appointment with your new trainer, you'll set up a regular schedule of sessions with him or her, and you'll start to see progress.

What happens next?


Jae is the first person that has truly helped me in learning to live with the aging process and all of its issues, such as arthritis. She truly understands how the body works and how all parts -- arms, leg, etc. -- should work together. Because of her, my quality of life continues to improve due to enhanced mobility and a significant reduction in pain. And she finally convinced me that regular and appropriate exercise is critical.

—Carl Matthews,