Intelligent Exercise

Fitness and movement education in your home. NYC area, 646-256-4414


Jae and your trainer will remain in continual contact about your plan and your progress, making sure our work is effective and brainstorming ways to deal with new difficulties that arise. Jae will see you for sessions periodically instead of your trainer to say hello, see how you've been feeling, assess your progress, and decide what our next step should be.

Where it's needed, we will also remain in ongoing contact with the other professionals you rely on - with your coach if you're an athlete, with your doctor, physical therapist, other healthcare providers, with your aide if you have one, and with your caregivers or family if they're involved. We'll make sure we coordinate our efforts to give you the best ability to function and the highest quality of life possible.

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I have been working with Jae for four months and I have had great results. Better flexibility, resolution of injuries, fewer aches and pains, and better form which has made my running better and more fun.

—Angela Small,
Moving Comfort team member