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Staff Bios

Jae GruenkeJae Gruenke founded Intelligent Exercise in 1998 to serve people who need both to become more fit and to function better in daily life. Her clients have ranged in age from 8 to 92, with concerns that include managing chronic illness, improving athletic performance, reducing everyday discomforts, improving balance and mobility, and healthy aging. Runners from beginner to elite learn running form for injury prevention and better performance through her Balanced Runner™ workshops and individual sessions.

Jae graduated magna cum laude from Williams College in 1992. She is a Guild Certified Feldenkrais® Practitionercm, an ACE-Certified personal trainer, a certified teacher of the Sounder Sleep System™, and President of Intelligent Exercise LLC. She worked as a professional modern dancer in New York City from 1992-2003.

Jae has taught through the New York Open Center, the Learning Annex, Long Island College Hospital, St. Luke's Hospital, Columbia University Medical Center's Student Wellness Center, Williams College, and the Nike Central Park Track Club. She was fitness columnist for New York Spirit Magazine from 1999-2002, and her writing on movement and physicality has also appeared in the Village Voice, American Dance, The Park Slope Reader, and on the Motion Channel of She is a member of the International Society for Active Aging and serves on the board of the East Side Council on the Aging.

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I walk to and from my class, approximately two miles each way, every week. With the help that I have received from my two sessions a week with Jae, the walk has become much easier and now I can keep a brisk pace.

—David Shechet,
retired accountant