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Staff Bios

Sonja JohanssonSonja Johansson has been a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitionercm in private practice since 1999. She is a certified teacher of Bones For Life™, a program for stimulating bone strength through dynamic movement and weight bearing posture, which she teaches in group classes and one-on-one. She has studied kinesthetic anatomy with Irene Dowd, is certified by ACE as a personal trainer, and assists Feldenkrais® Method master teacher Lawrence Wm. Goldfarb, Ph.D., as a tutor/practitioner in his professional training programs. She studied acting and dance at Edith Cowan University, Western Australia Academy of Performing Arts and specializes in working with seniors, actors, and those recovering from injury.

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I walk to and from my class, approximately two miles each way, every week. With the help that I have received from my two sessions a week with Jae, the walk has become much easier and now I can keep a brisk pace.

—David Shechet,
retired accountant