Intelligent Exercise

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"I could never get myself to work out regularly, but when my 50th birthday came into sight, I thought I'd better get a personal trainer. After 3 months of working 3 times a week with Jae, I have muscles! And I show them to everyone!"
—Terry Snyder, psychotherapist

"Jae began working twice weekly with my mother nearly four years ago, when my mother turned 85. Jae is attuned to her changing needs, not only over the years, but also within each session itself. She focuses on issues specific to the elderly, including balance, proprioception, stamina, and lung function. And she makes it fun and stimulating."
—Lark Simpson, MD

"Sid said that my stride and form looked better than ever. I attributed it to Jae's sessions and an improved stretching routine. I'm really excited about the possibilities this year. I really do feel like a different runner! More in control and of course more balanced. Thanks."
—Tony Ruiz, Distance Coach, Nike Central Park Track Club;
Owner, Coach TRuiz Coaching, Inc.

"Somehow, Jae cured my chronic arm pain within a few weeks. Her intelligent approach to exercise is really effective. She is a delight to work with, listens to your problems, and finds solutions. Bravo Jae."
—Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, photographer

"I'm sort of amazed at my increased endurance for walking. Your 80s are a hell of an age to start feeling good on your feet."
—Alvin Sinderbrand, lawyer

"Jae is the first person that has truly helped me in learning to live with the aging process and all of its issues, such as arthritis. She truly understands how the body works and how all parts -- arms, leg, etc. -- should work together. Because of her, my quality of life continues to improve due to enhanced mobility and a significant reduction in pain. And she finally convinced me that regular and appropriate exercise is critical."
—Carl Matthews, executive

"Jae is one of three people to whom I've ever referred team members (the other two being doctors). After one workshop I was able to make subtle but critical changes to my running form that eliminated knee pain I'd been grappling with for years. As a coach already focused on injury preventative running form, this was significant. This has been the case with everyone I have sent to her."
—Charlotte Gould, RRCA-certified Coach,
Founder/Director, Mothers Across America

"I was afraid of getting involved with a personal trainer when I saw Jae's ad for 'Intelligent Exercise.' I'd had visions of being whipped into shape like a dog-faced private in boot camp.

What a delight it was to discover a sensitive, reasonable and caring person who could help my body re-learn the most comfortable way to move so that developing, strengthening, and toning it became an organic experience rather than a penance.

Jae's use of the Feldenkrais principles and her commitment to wholeness in mind and body make her a most valuable ally for anyone seeking to improve their lives through greater physical integration. She is soon to be the most sought-after personal trainer in the area.

Jae's program of exercise really is 'Intelligent Exercise!'"
—Linda Simmons, actress

"Working with Jae has created more body awareness for me and improved my posture, gait, and overall sense of balance. Jae is greatly aware of running bio-mechanics and keenly observant of where and how to finely make minor but lasting adjustments. She reminds me of an expert car mechanic able to perform engine tune-ups on all makes and models of cars, from a basic sedan to racing machine. I would highly recommend Jae to anyone seeking pain relief and improved efficiency in their running."
—Noah Perlis, Nike Central Park Track Club team member

"I walk to and from my class, approximately two miles each way, every week. With the help that I have received from my two sessions a week with Jae, the walk has become much easier and now I can keep a brisk pace."
—David Shechet, retired accountant

"Not only does Jae provide you with an excellent exercise routine individually tailored to your own personal needs, but she also explains the mechanics and philosophies behind each program, which is unique among personal trainers."
—Larry Teitle, private investigator

"I am an avid disc golfer, Ultimate Frisbee player, and jogger. Jae worked with me on improving my performance and fitness in each area.

I had some lingering pain in my throwing shoulder from a shoulder separation that I sustained playing Ultimate. Jae's Feldenkrais lessons had the pain disappear without my even noticing -- after a few lessons it was just gone.

With disc golf, a golf game that involves throwing frisbee-like discs long distances with accuracy, Jae did research to develop Feldenkrais lessons focusing on my throwing technique. Now my golfing buddy envies my "effortless throwing motion" and my increased throwing distance. (I'm pretty happy about it too.)

I had lingering hamstring soreness in my left leg after running for years. With Feldenkrais lessons the soreness went away. Also, my knees and ankles would always hurt after playing Ultimate or jogging because the surrounding muscles were not conditioned enough to support my size (6'5", 230lbs). In only two lessons Jae developed a cross-training regimen that already has my joint discomfort significantly reduced."
—Dave Grossman, technology services provider

"I have been working with Jae for four months and I have had great results. Better flexibility, resolution of injuries, fewer aches and pains, and better form which has made my running better and more fun."
—Angela Small, Moving Comfort team member


...What a delight it was to discover a sensitive, reasonable and caring person who could help my body re-learn the most comfortable way to move so that developing, strengthening, and toning it became an organic experience rather than a penance...

—Linda Simmons,